Telegram App Blocked in Iran After Anti-Government Protests

Telegram App Blocked in Iran After Anti-Government Protests

The Iranian government has recently blocked access to messaging app Telegram due to anti-government protests throughout the country. According to state-run media, this is done for the purpose of maintaining tranquillity and security of society. Telegram was first temporarily blocked on December 31. Messaging App Telegram Telegram is one of the top instant messaging apps […]

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How Free Instant Messaging Apps Generate Revenue

Instant messaging (IM) apps have become inseparably linked to people’s everyday life. Messengers help people instantly connect with their friends, family, and colleagues so easily, affordably, and even for free. IM apps have brought a real revolution in the way people communicate these days. They enable people using different devices to connect on one platform […]

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Top 4 Android Apps to Call from Iran

In Iran, as of 2013, you could find 46 million internet users with a penetration rate of 61.57%. Iran has a history of imposing strict control over the extent of its citizens’ access to the internet and online platforms. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are already banned in the country. As of […]


Альтернатива Telegram: Pinngle

Telegram – бесплатное приложение для обмена мгновенными сообщениями и очень популярно особенно в Иране и Узбекистане. Telegram известен благодаря своей скорости и безопасности. За два с половиной года Telegram имеет более 100 миллионов активных пользователей. Telegram имеет много интересных и уникальных функций, поэтому не все приложения для обмена сообщениями могут быть альтернативой. Но есть новое […]