How Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media

How Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media

Big social networks are no longer exhibiting the immense growth they used to. Audiences have started looking for more private and personal platforms. Instant messaging (IM) apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Viber, which are among the most popular messaging apps, are surging in popularity all over the world. They are growing faster than anything […]

mobile technology trends 2017 and beyond

13 Mobile Technology Trends for 2017 and Beyond

The modern world of technology is changing and developing unbelievably fast. The innovation in technology is taking a huge leap, and the line between what is real and what is digital is becoming thinner and thinner. Particularly, mobile technology isn’t only changing the way people work and live, but is also defining it. The development […]

mobile and messaging app statistics

Messaging App and Mobile Phone Statistics to Know

Mobile phones go on developing and evolving incredibly fast. Mobile phone companies don’t stop offering innovative mobile phone feature to users, thus making mobile phones inextricably linked to our everyday work and life. As a result, mobile messaging apps are on the rise. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the growth of the Internet […]

mobile app trends

Top 8 Mobile App Market Trends 2017

The modern mobile app market is growing faster than ever before. New and more advanced mobile applications are appearing in the market, and the number of mobile apps is ramping up daily. As a result, the revenue generated by the global mobile app market is skyrocketing. Top Mobile App Market Trends Companies are focused on […]

future features of messaging apps

What Features Will Messaging Apps Offer in the Future?

Instant messaging (IM) apps are ubiquitous these days. They’ve made a real revolution in the way people communicate with each other. Thanks to messaging apps, now you can use different devices to stay in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues on one platform through text and multimedia. Messaging apps help people communicate with their […]

mobile app trends

Top mobile app trends that will facilitate to your business

Soon enterprise mobility will take businesses to the next level. Mobility will change how employees, partners, and customers communicate, share content and collaborate. Applications will introduce new efficiencies and will create new and innovative ways to handle operations more efficiently.  So what are those most important future trends that will influence how enterprise mobile apps […]