Which Messaging Apps You Can Use for Marketing?

Which Messaging Apps You Can Use for Marketing?

Your business should be using messaging apps because your customers are using them. Customers expect to find your business there. Using messengers for marketing purposes is especially important in the Asia-Pacific region since over half of all worldwide messaging app users are found there. You can use a number of popular messaging apps, such as […]

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Top 8 Mobile App Market Trends 2017

The modern mobile app market is growing faster than ever before. New and more advanced mobile applications are appearing in the market, and the number of mobile apps is ramping up daily. As a result, the revenue generated by the global mobile app market is skyrocketing. Top Mobile App Market Trends Companies are focused on […]

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The Future of Messaging. In-App Shopping.

With the advent of mobile technology, people became able to take on more spending less time and less effort. Now, if you want to make social activities, you can easily enter the virtual world from the real one without experiencing any inconvenience. What Is an In-App Purchase or Shopping? Thanks to the online world, you […]