Are Bots the New Generation of Apps

Are Bots the New Generation of Apps?

Bots or chatbots increasingly turning into one of the most fascinating technology trends of modern software applications. They’re going to play an important role in the future of consumer and enterprise apps. This will completely transform the way people interact. Sometimes, chatbots are perceived as a new generation of apps after websites and mobile apps. […]

Chatbots Are Getting Smarter. Emotional Chatbots.

Chatbots Are Getting Smarter. Emotional Chatbots.

Chatbots are developed with technology humanization in mind, allowing people to communicate with it in a more natural way. Emotional chatbot machines are marking an era in which the interaction between humans and robots is seamless and is more than just functional. So, the next move of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Emotional Intelligence. In this […]

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Top 8 Mobile App Market Trends 2017

The modern mobile app market is growing faster than ever before. New and more advanced mobile applications are appearing in the market, and the number of mobile apps is ramping up daily. As a result, the revenue generated by the global mobile app market is skyrocketing. Top Mobile App Market Trends Companies are focused on […]

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The future of mobile messaging apps

Nowadays mobile is the new face of social. There are more than 3 billion users and messaging apps are one of the fastest growing online behaviors and passed social networks. Chat has become on mobile what email has been to the desktop web, the primary way we communicate. But major messaging apps are becoming something […]