What Is a Virtual or International Phone Number

What Is a Virtual or International Phone Number?

International or virtual phone numbers are also known as online numbers, direct inward dialing (DID) or access numbers. They’re are called “follow-me numbers” in the US and “personal numbers” in the UK. In Europe and Oceania, DID numbers are also called direct dial-in (DDI) numbers. Virtual or DID phone numbers can be characterized as telephone numbers […]

Text Messaging Apps. Pinngle.

People all over the world are increasingly becoming more addicted to their mobile devices. Since 1984, when SMS was invented and 1985, when SMS was officially created, so much has changed in the way people communicate. In this day and age, text messaging apps have turned into the most popular means of communications thanks to […]

How Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media

How Messaging Apps Are Changing Social Media

Big social networks are no longer exhibiting the immense growth they used to. Audiences have started looking for more private and personal platforms. Instant messaging (IM) apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Viber, which are among the most popular messaging apps, are surging in popularity all over the world. They are growing faster than anything […]

mobile and messaging app statistics

Messaging App and Mobile Phone Statistics to Know

Mobile phones go on developing and evolving incredibly fast. Mobile phone companies don’t stop offering innovative mobile phone feature to users, thus making mobile phones inextricably linked to our everyday work and life. As a result, mobile messaging apps are on the rise. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the growth of the Internet […]

Future of Communication

The Future of Communication

A lot has changed in the way people communicate these days and a lot more is expected to change in the future. The rise of the Internet and technological advances in the field enable modern people to enjoy advanced means of communication that seemed impossible in the past. The Way People Communicate Is Changing   […]